Rhynchophorus ferrugineus

Common name: Red palm weevil

P028-Lure (Ferrolure+ 700 Mg)
Pheromone lure emitting aggregation pheromone of Rhynchopheros ferrugineus.
Available with & without Weevil Magnet synergist.

P028-Smart (Attract and Kill)
Smart Ferrolure is an “attract and kill” formulation designed to lure Red Palm Weevil into waxy dollops mixed with insecticide, intoxicating and eliminating them.

P601-Lure (Repellent)
Tumerone repellent for Rhynchopheros ferrugineus.

Recommended trap:
Palm Weevil Bucket Trap (2.5 gallon) (P219L-Trap)
Effective for monitoring & mass trapping palm weevils. Most effective when placed on ground under palms or tied to palm trunks.

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