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ChemTica Internacional, S. A.

Pheromones in Pest Management
    Pheromones are insect produced chemicals used primarily for mate & food location. Synthetic pheromones, in slow release formulation, are used to monitor pest populations, disrupt mating & lower populations by mass trapping. Worldwide use of pheromones in pest management is increasing at an annual rate of >10%. ChemTica has been highly successful in the development of pheromone-based products that are more economical and effective than insecticide alternatives.

Company History
    ChemTica was founded in 1992 to develop & market high performance, economically-priced products. CTI currently markets > 300 products in 50 countries & has 20 products under development. To serve the international community ChemTica produces pheromone lures for more different species than any other company.
    ChemTica has extensive ties to the best pheromone research groups in the world. These ties allow ChemTica to keep abreast of new discoveries & to rapidly develop cost-effective products. The company has core strength in fine chemical synthesis & lure development

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