Product Listing


  • Acrolepiopsis assectella
    Common name: Pecan nut casebearer, Mexican Strain Products: (P337-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Acrobasis nuxvorella
    Common name: Pecan nut casebearer, USA Strain Products: (P368- US Lure) (P368-Mex Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Adoxophyes orana
    Common names: Summer fruit tortrix moth Products: (P458-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap) (P074-Trap)
  • Agriotes lineatus
    Common name: Lined click beetle Products: (P350-Lure) (P318-Trap)
  • Agrotis fucosa
    Common name: Common cutworm Products: (P267-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P073-Trap)
  • Agrotis ipsilon
    Common name: Black cutworm Products: (P084-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Agrotis segetum
    Common name: Turnip moth Products: (P085-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Amorbia cuneana
    Common name: Avocado leafroller Products: (P256-Lure) (P215- Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Anarsia lineatella
    Common name: Peach twig borer Products: (P184-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Anthonomus grandis
    Common name:Cotton boll weevil Products: (P033-Lure) (P404-Lure) (P004-Trap)
  • Aonidiella aurantii
    Common name: California red scale Products: (P211-10X Lure) (P211-5X Lure) (P253-Trap) (10 units)
  • Archippus breviplicanus
    Common name: Asiatic leafroller Products: (P457-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Archips rosanus
    Common name: European leafroller Products: (P185-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Argyrotaenia velutinana
    Common name: Redbanded leafroller Products: (P376-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Athetis lepigone (Proxenus lepigone)
    Products: (P645-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Bonagota cranaodes
    Common name: Brazilian apple leafroller Products: (P149-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Busseola fusca
    Common name: Maize stalkborer Products: (P244-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Cacoecimorpha pronubana
    Common name: Mediterranean carnation leafroller Products: (P432-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Carposina niponensis
    Common name: Peach fruit moth Products: (P412-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Carposina sasakii
    Common name: Peach fruit moth (P456-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Cephus cinctus
    Common Name: Wheat stem sawfly Products: (P290-Lure) (P249-Trap) (P171-5)
  • Chilo partellus
    Common name: Spotted stalkborer Products: (P243-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Chilo suppressalis
    Common name: Asiatic rice borer Products: (P193-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Chrysoteuchia topiary
    Common name: Cranberry girdler Products: (P289-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Conotrachelus nenuphar
    Common name: Plum curculio Products: (P121-Lure) (P029L-Trap)
  • Cosmopolites sordidus (Cosmolure)
    Common name: Banana corm weevil (P160-Lure) (P160-Lure 90) (P082-Lure) (P056-Trap)
  • Cossus cossus
    Common name: Goat moth Products: (P371-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Crawling Beetles Trap
    P582-Trap Crawling Beetles Trap
  • Cryptoblabes gnidiella
    Common name: Honeydew or Christmas berry moth Products: (P213-S-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Cryptophlebia leucotreta
    Common name: False codling moth Products: (P250-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Cryptophlebia peltastica
    Common name: Litchi moth Products: (P303-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Cucumber Beetle
    Common name:Cucumber beetle Products: (P313-Lure 3) (P313-Lure) (P131-Traps)
  • Curculio caryae
    Common name: Pecan weevil Products: (P354-Lure) (P056-Trap)
  • Cydia caryana
    Common name: Hickory shuckworm Products: (P355-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Cydia pomonella
    Common name: Codling moth Products: (P206-S Lure) (P504-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Cylas formicarius
    Common name: Sweetpotato weevil Products: (P299-Lure) (P056-Trap) (P029L-Trap)
  • Delia platura & D. antigua
    Common Name: Seed-corn fly & onion fly Products: (P316-Attractant) (P171-Traps)
  • Diaphania indica
    Common name: Cucumber moth Products: (P428-Lure) (P215Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Diaphania nitidalis
    Common name: Pickleworm Produts: (P019-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Diatraea considerata
    Common name: Sugarcane borer Products: (P013-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Diatraea grandiosella
    Common name: Southwestern corn borer Products: (P014-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Diatraea impersonatella
    Common name: Sugarcane borer Products: (P015-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Earias insulana
    Common name: Egyptian stemborer Products: (P023-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap) (P074-Trap)
  • Earias vittella
    Common name: Spotted bollworm Products: (P157-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap) (P074-Trap)
  • Ecdytolopha aurantiana
    Common name: Citrus fruit borer Products: (P312-Lure) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Elasmopalpus lignosellus
    Common name: Lesser cornstalk borer Products: (P024-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap) (P074-Trap)
  • Endopiza viteana
    Common name: Grape berry moth Products: (P363-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Eoreuma loftini
    Common name: Mexican rice borer Products: (P022-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Epichoristodes acerbella
    Common name: African carnation tortrix Products: (P269-Lure) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Epicometis hirta
    Common name: Apple blossom beetle Products: (P306-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Epilachna chrysomelina
    Common name: Melon ladybird beetle Products: (P181-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Epiphyas postvittana
    Common name: Light brown apple moth Products: (P472-Lure) (P040-Trap)
  • Etiella zinckenella
    Common name: Limabean pod borer Products: (P411-Lure) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Eupoecilia ambiguella
    Common name: European grape berry moth Products: (P323-Lure) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Euschitus heros
    Common name: Neotropical brown stink bug Products: (P540-Lure)
  • Euwallacea fornicatus
    Common Name: Polyphagous shot hole borer Products: (P548-Lure US
  • Euzophera bigella
    Common name: Quince moth Products: (P392-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Exomala orientalis
    Common name: Oriental beetle Products: (P127-Lure) (P127-Lure MD) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Fumibotys fumalis
    Common name: Mint root borer moth Products: (P296-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap) (P074-Trap)
  • Grapholita funebrana
    Common name: Plum fruit moth Products: (P182-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Grapholita lobarzewskii
    Common name: Small fruit tortrix Products: (P441-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Grapholita molesta
    Common name: Oriental fruit moth Products: (P005-Lure) (P035-Dispenser)(MD) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap) (P040-Trap)
  • Halyomorpha halys P588-Lure
    Our Brown Marmorated Stink Bug P588-Lure lasts at least 12 weeks in the field.
  • Halyomorpha halys HR
    Common name: Brown marmorated stink bug Products: (P460-HR Lure) (P029L-Trap)
  • Helicoverpa armigera
    Common name: American bollworm Products: (P037-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Helicoverpa gelotopoeon
    Common name: Cotton boll armyworm Products: (P347-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Helicoverpa virescens
    Common name: Tobacco budworm Products: (P036-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Helicoverpa zea
    Common name: Corn earworm Products: (P038-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Heliothis obsoleta
    Common name: Cutworm Products: (P196-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Heliothis peltigera
    Common name: Bordered straw Products: (P418-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Heliothis viriplaca
    Common name: Marbled clove Products: (P197-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Hemaris
    Common name: Snowberry clearwing moth Products: (P344-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Homoeosoma electellum
    Common name: American sunflower moth Products: (P455-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Homoeosoma nebulellum
    Common name: European sunflower moth Products: (P384-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Hylemia cilicrura
    Common name: Seed-corn maggot Products: (P209-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Hypothenemus hampei
    Common name: Coffee berry borer Products: (P109-Lure) (P163-Trap)
  • Keiferia lycopersicella
    Common name: Tomato pinworm Products: (P066-Lure) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert) (P448-Trap)
  • Kermania pistaciella
    Common name: Pistachio borer Products: (P487-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Leucinodes orbonalis
    Common name: Eggplant borer Products: (P308-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Leucoptera coffeella
    Common name: Coffee leafminer Products: (P238-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Leucoptera scitella
    Common name: Pear leaf blister moth Products: (P210-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Lobesia botrana
    Common name: European grapevine moth Products: (P159-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert) (P074-Trap)
  • Maconellicoccus hirsutus
    Common name: Pink hibiscus mealy bug Products: (P534-Lure) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Macrodactylus spp.
    Common name: Rose chafer Products: (P297-Lure) (P050-Trap)
  • Malacosoma neustrium
    Common name: Lackey moth Products: (P517-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Melolontha melolontha
    Common name: European cockchafer Products: (P430-Lure) (P218-Trap)
  • Metalure (Metamasius hemipterus)
    Common name: Sugarcane weevil Products: (P044-Lure) (P056-Trap) (P219L-Trap)
  • Metamasius dimidiatipennis
    Common name: Pineapple weevil Products: (P155-Lure) (P219L-Trap) (P056-Trap)
  • Mythimna loreyi
    Common name: Rice armyworm Products: (P434-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Neoleucinodes elegantalis
    Common name:Tomato fruit borer Products: (P228-Lure) (P228-5X Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Odoiporus longicollis
    Common name: Banana stemborer Products: (P266-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Opogona sacchari
    Common name: Banana moth Products: (P090-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Ostrinia nubilalis Z
    Common name: European corn borer Products: (P195-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Palpita unionalis (Margoronia unionalis)
    Common name: Jasmine moth Products: (P454-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Pammene fasciana
    Common name: Chestnut leafroller Products: (P356-Lure) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Pantomorus cervinus
    Common name: Fuller’s rose weevil Products: (P433-Lure) (P056-Trap)
  • Paranthrene tabaniformis
    Common name: Dusky clearwing Products: (P324-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Pectinophora gossypiella
    Common name: Pink bollworm Products: (P047-Trap) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Pectinophora malvella
    Common name: Bollworm Products: (P183-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Phthorimaea operculella
    Common name: Potato tuberworm Products: (P055-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Phyllocnistis citrella (Improved Formulation)
    Common name: Citrus leafminer Products: (P187-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Phyllonorycter corylifoliella
    Common name: Hawthorn red midget moth Products: (P317-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Phyllonorycter ringoniella
    Common name: Apple leafminer Products: (P336-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap) (P448-Trap)
  • Phyllophaga anxia
    Common name: Cranberry white grub products: (P325-Lure S) (P050-Trap)
  • Phyllophaga cuyabana
    Common name: June beetle Products: (P295-Lure) (P050-Trap)
  • Phyllophaga dasypoda
    Common name: June beetle Products: (P429-Lure) (P050-Trap)
  • Phyllophaga elenans
    Common name: June beetle Products: (P049-Lure) (P050-Trap)
  • Phyllophaga ephilida
    Common name: June beetle Products: (P165-Lure) (P050-Trap)
  • Phyllophaga menestresi
    Name: Phyllophaga menestresi Products: (P523-Lure) (P050-Trap)
  • Phyllophaga vicina
    Common name: June beetle Products: (P051-Lure) (P050-Trap)
  • Planococcus citri
    Common name: Citrus mealybug Products: (P270-Lure) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Planococcus ficus
    Common name: Vine mealybug Products: (P260-Lure) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Platynota stultana
    Common name: Omnivorous leafroller Products: (P352-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Plusia chalcites
    Common name: Tomato looper Products: (P401-Lure) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert) (P074-Trap)
  • Plutella maculipennis
    Common name: Diamondback moth Products: (P105-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Plutella xylostella
    Common name: Diamondback moth Products: (P054-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Popillia bipunctata
    Common name: Yellow shining leaf chafer Products: (P305-Lure) (P075-Trap)
  • Prays citri
    Common name: Citrus blossum moth Products: (P042-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Prays oleae
    Common name: Olive moth Products: (P178-Lure) (P043-Trap) (P040-Trap)
  • Premnotrypes latithorax
    Common name: Andean potato weevil Products: (P476-Lure) (P056-Trap)
  • Proeulia auraria
    Common Name: Chilean fruit leaffolder Products: (P464-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Pseudoplusia includens
    Common name: Soybean looper Products: (P294-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Psila rosae
    Common name: Carrot fly Products: (P161-Attractant) (P171-Traps)
  • Quadraspidiotus perniciosus
    Common name: San Jose scale products: (P212-Lure) (P253-Trap)
  • Rachiplusia ou
    Common name: Gray looper moth Products: (P348-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Rhabdoscelus obscurus
    Common name: New Guinea sugarcane weevil, Hawaiian sugarcane weevil Products: (P057-Lure P) (P057-Lure) (P219L-Trap)
  • Rhopobota naevana
    Common name: Blackheaded fireworm Products: (P111-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Riptortus clavatus
    Common name: Bean bug Products: (P389-Lure) (P448-Trap)
  • Sabulodes aegrotata
    Common name: Omnivorous looper Products: (P257-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Scirpoghaga exceptalis
    Common name: Sugarcane top shoot borer Products: (P391-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Scirpophaga incertulas
    Common name: Yellow rice stemborer Products: (P445-Lure) (P215-Trap pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Scychophorus acupuntatus (Improved Formulation)
    Common name: Agave weevil Products: (P440-Lure) (P056-Trap)
  • Sesamia inferens
    Common name: Purple stemborer Products: (P446-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Sesamia nonagrioides
    Common name: Corn stalkborer Products: (P436-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Sesia apiformis
    Common name: Poplar borer Products: (P490-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Sparganothis sulfureana
    Common name: Blueberry leafroller Products: (P112-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Spectrobates ceratoniae (Improved Formulation)
    Common name: Carob moth Products: (P393-Lure) (P074-Trap) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)
  • Spodoptera cosmioides
    Products: (P224-Lure SC) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Spodoptera eridania
    Common name: Southern armyworm Products: (P234-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Spodoptera exempta
    Common name: African armyworm Products: (P386-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Spodoptera exigua
    Common name: Beet armyworm Products: (P060-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Spodoptera frugiperda
    Common name: Fall armyworm Products: (P061-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Spodoptera latifascia
    Common name: Lateral lined armyworm Products: (P224-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Spodoptera littoralis
    Common name: Egyptian cotton leafworm Products: (P062-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Spodoptera litura
    Common name: Tobacco cutworm Products: (P063-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Spodoptera mauritia
    Common name: Lawn armyworm moth Products: (P067-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Spodoptera sunia
    Common name: Armyworm Products: (P060-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Sufetula anania
    Common name: Red-headed Pineapple Worm Products: (P592-Lure)
  • Symmetrischema tangolias
    Common name: Andean potato tuber moth Products: (P367-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Synanthedon bibionipenni
    Common name: Strawberry crown moth Products: (P237-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Synanthedon exitiosa
    Common name: Peachtree borer Products: (P374-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Synanthedon myopaeformis
    Common name: Apple clearwing moth Products: (P190-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Synanthedon pictipes
    Common name: Peach tree borer Products: (P375-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Synanthedon scitula
    Common name: Dogwood borer Products: (P473-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Synanthedon tabaniformis
    Common name: Dusky clearwing moth Products: (P425-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Synanthedon tipuliformis
    Common name: Currant clearwing moth Products: (P191-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Synanthedon vespiformis
    Common name: Yellowlegged clearwing moth Products: (P459-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Tecia solanivora
    Common name: Guatemalan potato tuber moth Products: (P176-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Thrips spp.
    Common name: Frankliniella spp. Products: (P178-Attractant) (P271-Trap)
  • Tortrix viridana
    Common name: Green oak tortrix Products: (P201-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Trichodes ornatus
    Common name: Checkered flower beetle Products: (P259-Lure) (P074-Trap)
  • Trichoplusia ni
    Common name: Cabbage looper Products: (P125-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P074-Trap)
  • Tuta absoluta
    Common name: Tomato leaf miner Products: (P214-Lure) (P446-Trap) (P446-Insert) (P448-Trap)
  • Yponomeuta padellus
    Common name: Cherry ermine moth Products: (P416-Lure) (P215-Trap Pack) (P001-Trap)
  • Zelleria hepariella
    Common name: Ermine moth Products: (P474-Lure) (P171-Traps)
  • Zeuzera pyrina
    Common name: Leopard moth Products: (P192-Lure) (P001-Trap) (P445-Trap) (P446-Insert)

Fruit Flies
Home and Garden
Stored Products
  • Ahasverus advena
    Common name: Foreign grain beetle Products: (P326-Lure) (P102-Trap) (P093-Trap)
  • Attractant for Grain Beetles
    Products: (P094-Attractant) (P102-Trap) (P093-Trap)
  • Cadra figulilella
    Common name:Raisin moth Products: (P101-Lure) (P001-Trap) (P215-Trap Pack) (P073-Trap)
  • Cryptolestes ferrugineus
    Common name: Rusty grain beetle Products: (P334-Attractant) (P102-Trap) (P093-Trap)
  • Ephestia cautella
    Common name: Almond moth Products: (P025-Lure) (P001-Trap) (P215-Trap Pack) (P073-Trap)
  • Ephestia elutella
    Common Name: Tobacco moth Products: (P026-Lure) (P073-Trap) (P001-Trap) (P215-Trap Pack)
  • Ephestia kuehniella
    Common name: Mediterranean flour moth Products: (P026-Lure T) (P001-Trap) (P215-Trap Pack) (P073-Trap)
  • Ephestia & Plodia Lure
    Common name: Stored products moths Products: (P107-Lure) (P001-Trap) (P215-Trap Pack) (P073-Trap)
  • Oryzaephilus spp.
    Common name: Saw toothed & merchant grain beetles Products: (P293-Lure) (P102-Trap) (P093-Trap)
  • Plodia & Ephestia MD
    Common name: Stored products moths Products: (P135-Lure) (P001-Trap) (P215-Trap Pack) (P073-Trap)
  • Plodia interpunctella
    Common name: Indian meal moth Products: (P053-Lure) (P073-Trap) (P001-Trap) (P215-Trap Pack)
  • Prostephanus truncatus
    Common name: Larger grain borer Products: (P095-Lure) (P073-Trap) (P001-Trap) (P215-Trap Pack)
  • Rhyzopertha dominica
    Common name: Lesser grain borer (P096-Lure) (P102-Trap) (P093-Trap)
  • Lasioderma serricorne
    Common name: Cigarette beetle Products: (P134-Each) (P102-Trap) (P093-Trap)
  • Sitophilus granarius
    Common name: Granary weevil Products: (P097-Lure) (P102-Trap) (P093-Trap)
  • Sitophilus oryzae
    Common name: Rice weevil Products: (P098-Lure) (P102-Trap) (P093-Trap)
  • Sitophilus zeamais
    Common name: Maize weevil Products: (P099-Lure)
  • Sitotroga cerealella
    Common name: Angoumois grain moth Products: (P068-Lure) (P073-Trap) (P001-Trap) (P215-Trap Pack)
  • Tribolium spp.
    Common name: Red & confused flour beetles Products: (P198-Lure) (P103-Trap) (P093-trap)
  • Trogoderma granarium
    Common name: Khapra beetle Products: (P072-Lure) (P093-Trap) (P103-Trap)
  • Trogoderma variabile
    Common name: Warehouse beetle Products: (P207-Lure) (P103-Trap) (P093-Trap)

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